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Soulful Conscious Breathing

     I have long explored how conscious breathing can induce profound changes of consciousness. As is common knowledge, for centuries many ancient cultures and spiritual traditions, (such as Indian science of breath- pranayama), have used both hyperventilation and withholding breath to acquire awareness and heal.

     Respiration is a unique body function in that it is an autonomous function, but it can easily be influenced by your will. The simple act of altering the rate of breathing while maintaining full concentration on and awareness of your inner experience is perhaps one of the most powerful skills of all for personal transformation.

     Western psychology (Reich, Groff, Lowen) has shown us that how you breathe reveals a lot about your state of mind, body and emotions. The basic premise is that you naturally restrict your breath as a psychological defense with intense emotions. By increasing the rate and depth of breathing, you naturally loosen core body tension, expose your psychological defenses and release unconscious emotions.

     While much of the conscious breathing guidance I offer my clients does not have this intention in mind, Sometimes I find breathing in a way that facilitates a core level of tension release can be transformative.

     Many people try to combat the symptoms of deep breathing (mild spasms & contractions). We ingest tranquilizers, calcium, and place a paper bag over the face to prevent depletion of pulmonary carbon dioxide. Yet with the right approach, deep breathing can also lead to relaxation, a sense of an inner-awakening, and mystical experiences. Often symptoms build and then fully release leaving you with profound relaxation and a sense of wholeness-of-being.

     Your body tends to responds to the biochemical situation of deep breathing by bringing to the surface various old, deep-seated tensions and emotions and disposes of them by physically discharging them. (Discharging tension and emotion happens with such things as tremors, twitching, coughing, and vocal expression of sound and emotion). The reason for this is that when you breath and your body contracts, you use up a lot of pent up energy. As you burn off this bound energy your body will naturally relax core tension.

     When you breathe deeply you develop an energetic charge. You can often feel this as tingling, tremors, heat. Yet physical tension will also tend to develop in specific areas of your body. Where you develop tension will have specific emotional meaning for you depending on the nature of old emotional stress that caused it. Many tensions occur in the chakra area that needs your attention.

     In exploring your personal potential in session with me, Eastern spirituality and Western mind-body basis of emotions are synthesized. As tensions and life-energy blockages are amplified while you breathe, continued breathing combined with bodywork and healthy emotional boundaries, brings the tension to a culmination point, resolution and release.

     As your body relaxes, opens and energetically expands, by inhabiting yourself and introducing awareness of the unique qualities of your essential nature as a body experience, you can have a profound personal transformation. Each chakra lights up and you feel a deep inner peace along with an inner awakening beyond your imagination. The profound awakening that occurs during this experience can then be integrated into the rest of your daily interactions, introducing you to a whole new level of love life and spirituality.

     To ignite soul back into your life in this way, contact me at contact.DrZeb.com, call for a free 30 minute conversation (541-292-9876), or come to my on-going, drop-in Monday 5:45 pm Ashland class: Mindful Embodiment for Emotional Health.