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A Body-Mind & Energetic Approach to Healing


      How connected are you to your essential Self? Your essential Self is composed of the most authentic aspects of your being. We are all born with an essential Self, yet it awakens only when it is recognized and supported.

      When you experience support and acknowledgment for your authentic behaviors, your essential Self comes alive. This leads to natural sensations of pleasure and spontaneous behaviors of aliveness. The experience of aliveness is your life-energy expanding and flowing freely. Emotional conflict, on the other hand, always interrupts your life-energy flow and can weaken manifestation of your essential Self. My body-mind, life-energy approach to healing will help you get it back.

      The intensity of your current experiences can make you lose contact with your essential Self. We all know what it’s like to perceive our partner/job/situation (etc.) as an invader broaching the wall of our psychological integrity or to be emotionally abandoned when our partner/situation fails to show up. These experiences get lodged in our body as a tight stomach or a heavy heart and have a direct impact on the quality and quantity, the accumulation and distribution of our “life-force.”  Indeed, we lose contact with our essential Self and our ability to build and release life-energy, and then relax into a balanced state, is interrupted when we feel unsupported.

      Full resolution of emotional issues requires the ability to successfully complete this natural life-energy cycle. My body-to-mind energetic approach helps you discover how the content of your emotional issue impacts your body, and where and how you shut off life-energy and feelings. In this way, you have opportunity to experience an alternative way of being in the world. You come to recognize the main way you interrupt the building and releasing of life-energy is by dissociating, losing presence, or getting stuck in self defeating habits, such as withdrawing, merging or pushing away.

      When you become aware of how your body experience is connected to your emotional experience, you can then learn to face your most difficult emotional challenges without interrupting the nature flow of your life-energy. You can track your awareness of connection, or lack of connection, to the energetic flow of aliveness in your body. You discover that each time you respond to your biggest challenges with an awareness of your essential Self, your body relaxes and aliveness is reawakened.

      As you learn to guide your body’s life-energy fluctuations in response to your emotions, you become more able to manage the issues that trigger you the most in life. You discover how to self sooth and inhabit (embody) your essential Self to keep yourself calm even when facing emotional triggers. This allows you to handle a larger variety of emotional experience and to tolerate feelings of pain or pleasure without becoming overwhelmed. Contraction is replaced by expansion, fear is replaced by trust, anger is replaced by calm strength, shame is replaced by value, heartbreak becomes true love. You become a grounded presence, full and powerful.

      I have found this mind-body & energetic approach allows for the most profound healing and resolution of inner-conflict in the shortest amount of time.



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