My philosophy is simple. When your environment doesn't fully recognize and support you for who you really are, you lack specific truths that reflect your true essential self. This lack of support happens if you experience emotional abandonment (lack of consideration, etc.), inundation (feeling micro-managed) or invaded (inappropriate criticism or being imposed upon).

When these truths about your self are absent or are vague, you identify with your personality (thoughts and beliefs, often fear based ego identifications) rather than your essential self.

Without your personal truths as a clear guide, your essential self never grows, your body responds with anxiety, and you develop core tension that blocks the flow of life-energy. When life-energy doesn't flow you lose your ability to to feel fully alive, to feel pleasure, to love, and to have potent, fulfilling intimate contact with your self and others.

Your essential self grows strong quickly once you identify it. It thrives on being recognized and seen. When you feel your essential self as an experience in you body, and understand its role in your life, you will be able to face your emotions skillfully and profound personal transformation happens. The underlying tension and anxiety you feel under each powerful emotion, gets resolved.  

Leading theorist Daniel Stern (1985), describes how the "sense of self," the sense of an emergent core, the subjective and verbal self, develops out of the intimate reality of bodily sensation, feeling, and expression.

I approach healing and personal transformation in a comprehensive way: body-oriented counseling; embodiment meditations; whole body-mind Rolfing and structural integration; the life-energy practices of tantra and yoga; and my words via dialogue, my writings and my classes. You can choose any one of these approaches and transform your life. I meet you at the level you are ready for.

I provide a practical, experiential way for you to regain your most authentic self, your essential self, your personal power, and manifest your potential.




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