The Buddha once said, “If the body is not mastered, the mind cannot be mastered. If the body is mastered, the mind is mastered”    (Moffit  2001).

Sri Aurobindo (1953) explains that we cannot achieve “the life of Spirit fulfilled on earth…unless the body too undergoes a transformation.”





Nondual Therapy:

      The state of non-dual embodied awareness provides a vital source of support for all conflicts and catalyzes spiritual awakening.

      In Non-Dual Therapy at Chakra Garden of Ashland, we guide you to cultivate non-dual awareness, one where there is no separation between your self, the perceiver, and the rest of existence, the perceived. By taking away your conditioned mental associations that separate you from what you perceive, sense perceptions can be experienced directly, without the mediation of your personal subjective experience. This direct perception is based upon pure consciousness, free from mental deliberation and emotional drama. This state of pure consciousness enables you to “de-automatize” your habitual patterns of perception and behavior.

      As you learn to take away your conditioned mental associations, what you uncover is a non-dual embodied awareness of your essential Self, that spark of “youness” that you have had all your life. This non-dual embodied awareness of your essential Self is rich qualitative experience of aliveness. Every aspect of your being awakens. Your senses, or capacity for love, cognition, and physical sensation all awaken, in a vibrant and responsive way. You become empowered to step back from overwhelming feelings, or from unpleasant situations that you can’t change.  You can view life from a broader perspective, recognize more options, and wisely pick alternatives. 

      The dissolution of the separate self (perceiver & perceived) is more than the “great death” that Zen Buddhism describes. It is also a great birth of your human capacities. This state of pure consciousness enables you to “de-automatize” your habitual patterns of perception and behavior, awakens an embodied experience of your essential Self, and paves the way for learning more effective strategies and ways of being. You begin to base your relationship decisions on experiences and emotions that reflect a deeper truth of wisdom (prajna). From this vantage point, you can make personal choices free from the fear of loss or of feeling imposed upon.



Non-dual Intimacy Therapy

      Non-Dual Intimacy Therapy at Chakra Garden of Ashland takes your spiritual awakening and ripens it in a mutual communion with a partner. Through inward contact with your own individual authentic nature the experience of being one Self pervading everywhere else is experienced. As you realize the felt qualities of our individual self, that spark of “youness” that you have had all your life, you can begin to transcend the limitations of your individual self. You can recognize the essential qualities of your Self are the same as the essential qualities of others you contact.

      For instance, you recognize the essential quality of love is the same as the essential quality of love you feel in others. In this way, you awaken to the alive qualities within our own form/body simultaneously to experiencing that the basis of your own form is entirely unified with all forms in nature.

      When two people are both attuned to the dimension of undistorted, unified consciousness and feel life as it is authentically experienced, they have a sense of being in genuine contact with each other. They can look at another person and see and feel the vibrancy of life energy within them clear to the core of their being. This allows for profound experiences of intimacy.

      The experience of non-dual unity in Non-Dual Intimacy Therapy, is not one of submerging your existence in the existence of another person. You do not diffuse our own sense of self outward into others.  Rather you maintain the experience of being a separate individual even as you experience this spiritual Oneness. This provides a solid, healthy foundation to discover your most profound levels of intimacy.