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Dr Zeb's Online Counseling

Dr. Zeb Online:

I can meet you on Skype, Facetime, or the telephone. We'll connect in ways that are as meaninfgully for you as it would be if you were here, sitting in my office, in Ashland, Oregon. I have been effectively guiding people via technology since 2005 (in private practice since 1986).


My Approach:

   Your therapeutic sessions with me are experiential as well as psychological. I recognize that for profound, full resolution of chronic emotional injuries, and discovering your full potential, simply talking about the problem and the solutions is simply is not enough.

    Our time together always includes learning body centered skill to help support uncovering your most authentic qualities of your self ("nondual" embodiment), and learning new body & mind skills for your emotional growth and self support. My years of experience allow me to guide you in the most skillful way.

    With the most effective techniques from somatic psychology, sex therapy, relationship counseling, yoga therapy and tantra yoga, I will help you heal the emotional and physical symptoms of your problem, and also support you to cultivate an embodied experience of your sense of self.

     We promptly get to the heart of the matter. We'll work in a focused way: sometimes for a relatively short period of time; sometimes for extended support. Your natural rhythms guide this unique journey of awakening.

     You'll learn ways you can approach your emotional habits with different choices. You'll discover the most authentic manner to negotiate your life and relationships. You'll find new, more effective ways of being. And you'll learn body-mind skills for success that can make an immediate difference. 

     My greatest skill as a counselor is to meet you in each moment, exactly where you are, and guide you meaningfuly towards your deepest, fullest potential.



1. Using counseling online allows you to come to your counseling session

    with a click of the button.  

         You can resolve conflicts and heal personal

         wounds within your own safe and comfortable home or office.

         In fact, I offer Skype sessions to individuals and couples located

         anywhere in the United States or around the world.  

2. No need to take time off from your busy schedule to travel to a

    therapist's office.  

        Bad weather?

        A child with a minor temp?

        Bad enough to stay home, but not bad enough to cancel?

3. Your privacy supports you to get all the issues to get out on the table in

    a safe and focused way.

        Privacy is of utmost importance.  

        All sessions with me are completely confidential regardless of

        whether they take place in person, over the phone, or if you opt for

        online therapy.

     (Many therapists rely on back-to-back appointment scheduling, which is

      less than ideal as clients may see other as they enter or exit the

      building. Counseling over the internet avoids this issue entirely.)

4. Counseling via internet supports you to experience the sense of well-

    being you experience during your session to permeate your home

    environment in real time.


Schedule your Skype session by calling 541-292-9876