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Puja Honoring Ceremony  

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Embodiment Meditations

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Embodied Non-Dual Meditation


Awaken Your Essential Nature

Arts of Intimacy

Yoga for Embodiment

Chakra Energy Health

Boundaries for Intimacy






Dr. Zeb's Sacred Relationship Classes w/Dakini Candance   

Uncover your potential to love, to be loved, & to be loveable.

Discover that intimacy with another requires honest intimacy with your Self.

Find healthy ways to self-soothe your emotions.

Realize your most authentic Self, your essential nature.

Learn how to be truly present in your body & in the world.

Unbind & re-shape familiar holding patterns of relational trauma & injury.

Become skilled at managing your life-energy to increase pleasure.


To schedule a private session or register for a class:

contact@DrZeb.com - 541-292-9876