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    Sex Therapy

    with Dr. Zeb



     Hi, I'm Dr. Zeb.

       As a Counselor, my interest is helping you resolve conflicts and deepen the quality of contact with yourself and with others.

       As a Sex Therapist, I help you heal and manifest your sexual potential. I can guide you alone or with a partner.

       My innovative combining of the principles and practices of Tantra, Yoga, and Somatic Psychology provides you with a well informed journey of awakening.

       As a person, I am an intelligent, wise, nurturing, and by nature playful. I have been trained as a psychotherapist and counselor since 1991. My somatic perspective has helped countless individuals and couples develop greater quality of contact and intimacy in all their relationships.

























                              Areas of Expertise:


All varieties of sexual conflict in intimate relationship

Loss of interest in sex

Different needs for sex than partner

Healing sexual trauma

Resolving Sexual Dysfunction


Mild Orgasm

Premature ejaculation

Anorgasmia- delayed/not reaching orgasm

Vagisimus- painful intercourse

Lack of pleasure

Weak internal muscles

Inhibitions, sexual guilt and shame

Fear of intimacy

Need to be in control



Increasing sexual desire

Desire for full-body orgasm

Awakening sensation & pleasure

Expanding tolerance for pleasure

  How to cultivate multiple orgasms

Sex and spirituality


                                    Why My Approach is Unique