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Increasing Tolerance for Life

by Spreading Energy


      Learning to spread your life-energy throughout over your whole body can facilitate releasing the tension that comes with life’s ups and downs. All yoga postures have this goal in mind. By balancing the under and over toned muscles, the flaccid and tense areas of the body achieve balance. With this balance, life-energy in the body spreads out and flows easily rather than getting bound up in muscular patterns of tension. Instead, it flows from one end to the other freely, and the chakras (subtle energy centers of the body) become balanced.

      When energy flows freely and our chakras are balanced, we feel a sense of aliveness in the core areas of our body as we face the challenges of daily life unfolding before us. This is a familiar sensation, often described as “streaming,” current-like sensations, or a soft breeze flowing through us, as we face the challenges of daily life unfolding before us. These physical sensations are the expression of a natural reciprocal build up and release of energy. This energy radiates outward like the gentle ripples in a pond or the breaking of ocean waves, nourishing the tissues with an abundance of free flowing life-energy.

      When we experience the anxiety that accompanies a stressful event and we know what to do with it, we don’t become overwhelmed. We instead have a feeling of integrity and of standing our ground, honoring our personal truths. These feelings allow us to relax core patterns of tension in our body and balances the chakras. 

      If our muscular patterns of tension are released and all our chakras are balanced, we have more room in our body for life-energy to flow freely. This creates and an energetic balance that helps us manage our stress response. We can experience emotional drama as just a part of life. The energetic intensity that accompanies the drama spreads out through our body and our energy system, rather than becoming stuck. As a result, the drama can actually feel enlivening or nourishing rather than overwhelming.

      As core tension is released and bound energy is repeatedly spread throughout the body, we experience more aliveness throughout all our chakra centers. Because energy is not getting bound up in the muscular holding patterns or being directed at emotional fixations, it gets directed towards enhancing our sense of Self, and the emotional clarity of “Buddhi,” a deep knowing of what our personal truths are.

      Emotional clarity provides the necessary support for us to discover or maintain the real meaning of things as we face potentially overwhelming emotions. This clarity of awareness is the necessary environment in which the life-force in each chakra can flow. Spreading life-energy in this way allows us to be firmly rooted in our body. It provides the support we need to stay grounded while we alight, soaring to heights of emotional independence and well-being.